Want To Play an Instrument?…..The Top 4 To Consider

Have you ever asked yourself, “Which musical instrument should I choose to learn?” You’ve come to the right place. If you’re struggling to decide between the piano and the electric guitar, or the drums and violin, this guide will make it easier for you.

Learning how to play a musical instrument

1. Guitar

Learn this instrument if you want to: improve your IQ, learn discipline and patience, become a rock star.

From Jimmy Page to Keith Richards, the guitar is synonymous with rock star glamour. Not all guitars are the same; choose from the steel blues guitar, bass guitar, acoustic or electric guitar. A study from the University of Zurich claims that you can increase your IQ by seven points when you learn a musical instrument like the guitar, improve your memory and learn important skills – like discipline and patience – in the process. It’s a lot easier than you think – a guitar teacher can teach you how to master this instrument in group sessions or one-on-one. Learn tabs, frets, chord progression, strumming techniques and basic music theory when you master the guitar!


2. Violin

Learn this instrument if you want to: become a better team player, learn hand-to-eye coordination skills, improve perseverance

The violin is back in fashion – and is one of the best instruments out there if you want to play in a band or impress your friends. Playing the violin can help you become a better team player, especially as you will need to work with a group of people if you want to be part of an orchestra. This instrument has a unique sound that sounds great on record and in a live setting. Even better, it can teach you skills like perseverance. You might not pick it up straight away but over time, you will learn hand-to-eye coordination skills – making you a more proficient player.


Woman practising her piano chords

3. Piano

Learn this instrument if you want to: learn more about culture, improve concentration

I have to confess this is my personal favorite, piano is one of the best instruments to learn for many reasons. If you’d like to expand your horizons and explore other cultures, then the piano is steeped in history and tradition that dates back hundreds of years. When you learn music theory for that culture, you’ll soon realize that every note has a story and background, and you will be able to create emotional pieces of music in various genres, such as classical, opera, and pop. Learning the piano can improve your concentration too. You’ll acquire new skills like pitch, rhythm, and tempo and discover how to play in harmony with other members of your band.


4. Drums

Learn this instrument if you want to: learn a musical instrument quickly, relieve stress

Learning the drums comes with multiple benefits. Studies show that the drums are among the easiest instruments to learn, and you could improve your skills in just a few weeks when you enlist the services of a music teacher. Become the next Ringo Star when you learn the drums. This instrument is brash, loud and expressive – and can be a great stress reliever too! Playing the drums has shown to improve depression and anxiety and could have a powerful effect on your state of mind and well-being!