Songwriters – Why Are They So Influential?

 Whether it’s soul, pop, opera, or rock, music can have a huge influence on our emotions and state of mind. But have you ever wondered why? Research has shown that songwriters have an excellent ability to tap into their listener’s emotional state – something that can have a positive effect on society as a whole. Here are just a few ways songwriters have changed the world.

Composing Music and Songwriting

Helping people express their feelings

Some of the world’s most famous songwriters have created timeless masterpieces that also help others  share their own emotions through that music. Ever noticed how you might be feeling sad or angry and then suddenly feel better when your favorite song comes on the radio? That’s because music is an emotional art form that can convey deep feelings through words, rhythms and melodies. Studies show that humans assimilate their behavior when they hear a particular song or genre. For example, upbeat dance music might put you in a good mood while power ballads or classical music might help you relax. If you’re feeling tired, anxious or stressed, music can be like therapy. It can help you feel comfortable and creative positive feelings.


Bringing everyone together

Music is a very personal thing. Everybody loves different styles and artists. However, meeting someone that has the same musical tastes as you can instantly create a rapport whether you are in a personal or business setting. In fact, talking about music is an instant ice-breaker – that’s why you might be asked about your favorite band or genre in a job interview. Sharing the love of music with someone can help you build long-lasting relationships and create a sense of community. This is all down to talented songwriters, who are able to convey strong emotions – like heartbreak, lust or desire – in their lyrics and compositions.

World famous songwriter John Lennon

 Exposing other cultures

The best songwriters are talented storytellers. Who skilfully expose their listeners to new styles, trends, and important causes which they may not become fully aware of otherwise. A very famous example from the 1970’s would be of course John Lennon who shone a spotlight upon the Vietnam War for the entire world. Songwriters and musicians can also be great at introducing audiences to other cultures too. When you listen to music, you can find out more about the songwriter or artist by researching their influences, history, and the political or cultural issues that might have informed their work. This can help to broaden your horizons and teach you more about the world. Salsa music might help you learn more about Latin American culture for example.


Creating a positive effect on consciousness

Studies show that when you listen to certain genres of music – like opera and classical – your brain chemistry changes. This can have a positive effect on your body and can help to improve concentration or discipline. Some people like to have classical music on in the background when revising for an exam or doing work as it helps to clear their mind and focus on the job at hand. Songwriters – regardless of the genre of music – can change your brain chemistry with they way they fuse relatable lyrics to rhythms and beats that make you feel so good. Learning to become a good songwriter can be truly rewarding and enjoyable!